Richard facilitates tribe specific on-site training and public training.  On-site training brings the training session or sessions to the tribe wherein there is a flat fee structure which promotes the best use of tribal resources while training the maximum number of employees.  Richard’s public sessions bring many tribes together for a meaningful conversation regarding relevant employment related matters which maximizes the opportunity to network with other tribal leaders and collaborate on the development of best practices.

Here is a list of the most popular on-site training sessions:

Popular Classes

Tribal Employment Law & Standards for Tribal Leaders, Executives, Administrators & Directors

Due Process for Tribal Employers

Effective Employee Misconduct Investigations

Best Practices in Documenting Employee Conduct

Drafting Policy & Procedure for Tribal Employers

Sexual Harassment Training

101 Things Managers & Supervisors Need to Know about Tribal Employment

Family & Medical Leave Act

Fair Labor Standards Act

Preparation for & Participation in Gaming Commission Hearings

Gaming Law & Regulation for Council, Commissioners & Casino Employees

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