101 Things is about working for a Native American or Indian employer. The phrase “tribal employer” is used to refer to working for a Native American tribe, nation, pueblo, rancheria or community. Many aspects of working for a tribal employer are exactly like working for a non-tribal employer and many aspects are different. This book’s objective is to assist tribal leaders and employees who manage others in a tribal workplace understand some of the differences in a tribal workplace and ways to be more effective in those circumstances.

Tribal employers are unique from nontribal employers and each tribe is unique from other tribes. Because tribes are sovereign governments, the laws and regulations which apply to non-tribal employers may, or may not, apply to tribal employers. That unique aspect of tribes as employers requires leaders and employees to have a working knowledge of self-determination, sovereignty, immunity, jurisdiction and whether certain laws apply. Understanding these legal concepts and how they impact employment related matters will make tribal leaders and employees more effective in performing their roles. The book starts with those legal concepts and moves into employment practices like hiring, managing and discipline.


As Foundation Director of the National Native American Human Resources Association (NNAHRA), and on behalf of its Board of Directors, we say “bravo and it’s about time” to put into writing the words we have heard and have learned from Rick in the many years of affiliation. This book is of great compliment to his two previous publications and will benefit the reader in terms of simplicity and in the direct impact it will have by following the practical guidance chapter by chapter. I wish there were such a mentor, writer and attorney in my career 30 years ago that we now have in Rick McGee. Enjoy reading this book and you will be a better manager because of it.

Tal D. Moore, THRP, MA, Foundation Director of Development

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