Drafting Tribal Employment Laws & Handbooks was recently published and is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Xlibris and wherever you purchase books.

Drafting Tribal Employment Laws & Handbooks is a practical guide to drafting comprehensive tribal employment laws and the policies included in tribal government, casino and enterprise handbooks. The book explains why this is important and illustrates how to get these documents created and accepted. The book will help tribal leaders, administrators, lawyers, directors and managers either create these laws and policies or improve the laws and policies presently on the books. Drafting Tribal Employment Laws & Handbooks complements Mr. McGee’s previous book A Guide to Tribal Employment (Xlibris 2008).


Attorney Rick McGee has spent many years following, working on, and writing about employment law issues as they arise in Indian country.  As a lawyer who has worked for tribal governments over 30 years, I am able to recognize the thoroughness of Rick’s work in this area.  Drafting Tribal Employment Laws & Handbooks is a valuable resource and tool for any attorney or interested person who wants to know about employment law issues in Indian country.  This is the work of an attorney who is conscientious, fair, and very thorough.

William Hardaker, General Legal Counsel, Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community

I was introduced to Richard McGee through my work with the National Native American Human Resources Association (NNAHRA) and he has always proven to be a knowledgeable legal resource.  As a HR professional in Indian Country, it’s important to have resources that provide one a clear, accurate and trustworthy direction and that is exactly what Drafting Tribal Employment Laws & Handbooks is.  This book is a must read for all Tribal Leaders and HR professionals working within native governments and/or enterprises.   

Too often tribes overlook the importance of employment codes and the impact it can have to the sovereignty of their government.    Mr. McGee delivers virtually a step by step process to strategize with tribal leaders to design an employment code specific to their tribal values and culture.   

Judith C. Wright, President, National Native American Human Resources Association

Rick has been a great resource for our Tribal organization over the years and is always quick to respond to any needs that we may have. He has a vast amount of knowledge in tribal employment law as illustrated in his books and the trainings he facilitates. Drafting Tribal Employment Laws & Handbooks is a wonderful resource for not only for Human Resource professionals in Indian Country, but for tribal leadership as well. Mr. McGee has been instrumental in the ever changing employment laws and has been a huge asset to Indian Country.

Deana Howard, Human Resources Director, Wyandotte Nation

The excellence of any organization is based on the effectiveness of its employees. Creating a culture where employees are valued and recognized, and productivity is high, are challenges many leaders struggle to achieve.  

As in-house counsel, there is no end to the many and varied employee-related challenges that come across my desk and Richard’s guide is an excellent resource for how best to address those challenges and how to craft handbooks that effectively guide the reader to resolution.  Richard’s guide provides the insights and tools necessary to ensure that your handbook expresses a tribe’s commitment to fair and equitable employee relations in its community.  The brilliance of Richard’s guide is that it is practical and thoughtful.  He has crafted an approach that recognizes Tribal enterprises having a keen interest in demonstrating fair and equitable employment opportunities, employee rights, and preference as an expression of its economic sovereignty.  I keep his guide close not only for revisions to the Tribe’s employee handbooks and laws, but to plan for the best possible discussion within the Tribe for developing or revising its handbook and laws. 

Kevin R. Lyon, in-house counsel for the Squaxin Island Tribe since 1983

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