This 2 day session addresses the impact of self-determination, sovereignty, immunity, jurisdiction, federal funds, federal and state law, tradition and custom on tribal employment practices. Moreover, the session addresses important questions like….Do tribal employers have to follow state employment laws? What about federal employment laws? How does preference really work? How does TERO impact preference? Can tribal employers define the terms and conditions of employment and how is that done? What is at-will employment? What is for-cause employment? Can employees say impolite things on social media and be held accountable? What are the fundamentals of those federal laws which tribes most likely follow? How do employee references work? What is the federal background law? What are harassment, discrimination and protected class and how are they related?

There is a 4 hour session that is a shortened version of the two day class. Some tribal leaders are not able to allocate two days to the full session (discussed above) but those leaders can devote half a day to these important ideas before making decisions about promulgating employment codes, modifying the tribe’s preference policy or updating the employee handbook.


Tribal Employment Law & Standards for Tribal Leaders, Executives, Administrators & Directors
Date: TBD
Location: TBD

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