I have the privilege of working with the dedicated NNAHRA team this week in preparation for the NNAHRA Conference starting September 28.  Part of that preparation has included working with the lawyers who will bring you the annual legal update.  The update (in my view) is important this year and will discuss a range of important issues including COVID best practices, confidentiality, jurisdiction (recent Supreme Court decision), changes to the FLSA, modified FMLA forms, civil rights and drug testing.  In addition to the legal update, I am really interested in many breakout sessions offered at the Conference.  Grateful to the NNAHRA team and the Board in bringing us this fantastic opportunity.

Have you registered yet for the NNAHRA Conference?  NNAHRA.org is the place to go.

Fall Training

I write to share fall training opportunities with you and your team.  The training is provided via live Zoom conferences wherein I will serve as the facilitator.  Each class is guided through a powerpoint presentation which is tied to written materials.  Because of smaller class sizes, there will be plenty of opportunities to engage the facilitator and the other participants in the class.  Zoom allows for break out sessions that will be used to work on small group exercises.

There are two categories of trainings: (1) private and (2) public.


Private training is tribe-specific and can be scheduled at a time most convenient to the tribe.  The host tribe determines the number of participants in the class, start times and end times and can modify content of the class to reflect the tribe’s policies and protocols.  Tuition for a two day class is a flat fee of $4,850 for as many participants as the tribe decides.  Prior to the class my team will ship written materials to the host tribe.  There is no additional cost for the first 20 copies of the written materials.


Public trainings are offered on a first come-first serve basis wherein up to 20 participants register for each class.  Registration is available at richardmcgeelaw.com.  The public sessions schedule is below.  For a two day class, tuition is $450 per person.  Both classes scheduled below are two day classes.

Public Sessions Schedule

Please note the start times vary between west coast and midwest starts.  There are west coast (Pacific Standard Time) starts and midwest (Central Standard Time) starts.  Each class starts at 9:00 a.m., breaks at noon for 1 hour, resumes at 1:00 p.m. and concludes at 4:30 p.m.  The first sessions scheduled below include 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Tribal Employment which is my second most popular session (after Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying) and this edition of 101 Things includes vastly improved written materials and presentation.  In addition to 101 Things, the popular Effective Employee Misconduct Investigations class is offered.

October  7 & 8      Starts 9 a.m CST

101 Things Everyone Should Know About Tribal Employment

October  14 & 15     Starts 9 a.m PST

101 Things Everyone Should Know About Tribal Employment

October  21 & 22    Starts 9 a.m. CST

Effective Employee Misconduct Investigations

October  28 & 29    Starts 9 a.m. PST

Effective Employee Misconduct Investigations

November 4 & 5    Starts 9 a.m. CST

101 Things Everyone Should Know About Tribal Employment

November 11 & 12    Starts 9 a.m. PST

101 Things Everyone Should Know About Tribal Employment

November 18 & 19    Starts 9 a.m. CST

101 Things Everyone Should Know About Tribal Employment

December classes will be scheduled after an assessment of the response to these sessions.  If there are classes you want to see scheduled please share your feedback with me.

Richard McGee, richard@richardmcgeelaw.com or 612-812-9673.

Thank you.