A thank you, a book, investigations, hearings and more articles.

First and foremost, I continue to be exceedingly grateful to my colleagues at tribal governments and enterprises for the opportunity to serve during this difficult time.  Even though we are not meeting face to face, we are meeting by phone and videoconference.  That may not be the perfect option but it is the best solution…and it is working.  We are discussing the return of employees, taking on some projects and continuing the important work of Human Resources.

Second, my second book is coming and it is called Drafting Tribal Employment Laws & Handbooks.  The book is in final editing and formatting at the publisher and will be available soon.  Here are the chapters:

Chapter 1 Drafting Tribal Employment Laws

Chapter 2 Sample Tribal Employment Code

Chapter 3 Purpose of an Employee Handbook

Chapter 4 Preparing to Draft or Modify an Employee Handbook

Chapter 5 Drafting or Modifying an Employee Handbook

Chapter 6 Sample Tribal Employee Handbook

I am grateful for the kind words people are expressing about the draft submitted to the publisher.

Third, employees continue to present workplace complaints and some of those generate requests for experienced employment counsel to investigate and evaluate the allegations.  I am handling those matters through videoconferences with the client to frame the issues, interviewing witnesses and reporting findings to Tribal Councils, Tribal Administrators, General Managers and Human Resources.  With these methods, due process is clearly provided to both the complainant and alleged wrongdoer.  These investigations are less costly because the costs of airfare, hotel and rental cars are avoided.

Fourth, I have the privilege of serving as a hearing officer for several tribes wherein I handle employee grievances and appeals.  That process can also be facilitated through a videoconference.  The videoconference gives employees (and employers) meaningful due process in a timely manner.  Like investigations, hearings via videoconference are less costly because the costs of airfare, hotel and rental cars are avoided.

Fifth, and finally, please go to richardmcgeelaw.com to read over 70 tribal employment articles on a range of topics.  Some of the articles are interesting and others are boring.

Please call me at 612-812-9673 or write at richard@richardmcgeelaw.com.