Training Objective: Understand and apply tribal law, federal law and state rules in understanding tribal gaming as well as understanding the relationships between tribal council, gaming commission, gaming enterprise and officials from the federal and state governments.

This two day session is perfect for new people seeking an understanding of tribal gaming and will provide content which will give experienced people a better and more effective understanding of the confluence of tribal, state and federal rules. The session opens with a relevant conversation regarding sovereignty, immunity and jurisdiction. That is followed by a discussion of Cabazon, IGRA, Tribal Gaming Law (Ordinances), Tribal-State compacts and the impact of each on gaming. Next the session addresses the important relationships between Tribal Council and an independent regulator, between the Gaming Enterprise and the Gaming Commission, between casino human resources and Commission licensing. The session reviews the powers of the NIGC and the state. There is a relevant conversation regarding the licensing process and the principles of due process in license revocation hearings. The session concludes with a meaningful conversation regarding the future including iGaming and economic diversification.


Effective Employee Misconduct Investigations
Date: TBD
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