Training Objective: Develop the skills to prepare for and participate in hearings before the Gaming Commission related to licensing and patron disputes.

The two day session starts with a conversation of the Commission’s delegated authority to conduct hearings and the impact of sovereign immunity. After that introduction the session focuses on the attorney-client privilege and work product, ex parte communication, adjudicator neutrality and confidentiality. The session transitions to a substantive discussion regarding strategic thinking. From the Commissioner’s perspective and the “prosecutor’s” perspective, there is an in depth conversation regarding evidence, hearsay, business records, demonstrative evidence, best evidence and the complete evidence rule. There is a meaningful conversation regarding authentication through witness testimony and self-authentication through those documents which qualify. Next the session addresses the elements of a license violation, exclusion and patron dispute. Thereafter the training focuses on issues before the hearing, conducting the hearing, deliberation, writing the decision and appeal. There is a detailed script and sample hearing procedures which will assist in this meaningful and insightful conversation.


Gaming Commission Hearings
Date: TBD
Location: TBD

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